Friday, October 15, 2010

Go Pippi!

Whoa, it's been a long, long time since I've posted anything.  Well, here's something I've been working on to help fill that void...Pippi Longstocking (my take on her at least).  I've been having a  lot of fun with this project and hope you readers out there enjoy it, too!  

Below are some character designs for a variation of the Pippi Longstocking story.  It takes place in the Andean Mountains, a bright and colorful culture, and includes big brother Adelmo, which means noble protector, his little sister Evita, a.k.a. Evie,  Pippi, and Rhenna - Pippi's pet.  Being orphans, Adelmo carries the weight of looking out for Evie and is always with his special walking stick left behind by his parents.  He's responsible, wary of his surroundings, but still youthful and loves his little sister.

Evie, on the other hand, is a curious little girl.  She is playful, eager to explore, sometimes stubborn, but surely looks up to Adelmo, whom she calls Addie for short.

As the story takes place in the Andes, Pippi's adventurous, confident, and ever-so-powerful character is explored as a gaucho who comes into the ordinary lives of Adelmo and Evie.

Pippi is accompanied by her pet, Rhenna, whom she encountered in Rhenna's native Andean wilderness and immediately befriended.  Rhenna is a bit clueless, fearful, yet loyal enough to endure Pippi's wild adventures.

That's all folks...thanks for visiting!


Martin Kau said...

Oh wow :D These are beautiful, whimsical, and so much fun! Awesome stuff jo :) Hope alls well!

Johanna Enriquez said...

Thanks a bunch Martin! I had a great time working on this. Hope you're doing well too. :)