Monday, March 27, 2006

Puppeteer sketch

To quickly start things off, I decided to post one of my character design ideations from class for our Travelling Puppeteer project. I actually had more fun drawing this guy than the two designs I wound up using for the project. More to come.


drawingnikki said...

hi Johanna! wow everyone's got a blog now! Thanks for commenting on my blog. It was pretty cool to see my model shown at GDC. NIce drawing by the way, and when are you going to put up all your other awsome drawings?

hello my name is amanda said...

wowwee. i can't wait to see MORE. MORE JOHANNA MORE. post everything u've ever done. it'll be like your own little exhibit. set up a visa/mastercard paypal thingy and charge per click. your bf's page is frickin wowwee too.

hello my name is amanda said...



very glad you're posting your masterpieces - must have more. MORE JOHANNA MORE. it'll be like a little exhibit.. you should set up a paypal thingy and charge per visit/click. cept i get a discount.